Selected talks

June 2019

29th International Screen Studies Conference, University of Glasgow

November 2018
‘Teaching Television’
‘Lights, Camera, Learning: Teaching with the Moving Image’ conference, Learning on Screen / Birkbeck.

October 2018
‘Homer on Air’
Classics Research Seminar, University of Reading

September 2018
‘Pinter’s Intermedial Moves’
Pinter on Film, Television and Radio conference, University of Reading / British Library

July 2018
Guest speaker: paths to independent research
MA Classical Studies Day School, Open University

July 2018
Harold Pinter: Writing for the Screen
Panel discussion and Q&A, BFI Southbank

September 2017
‘The Humanities in Interwar Educational Broadcasting: Pedagogical Motivations and Listener Experience’
British Academy-funded research seminar, University of Edinburgh

March 2017
‘The Experience of the Schools Television Audience in the 1960s’
Edinburgh International Film Audience Conference

January 2017
‘Drama, War, Sex and Education: Greek Plays on British Television, 1958-1990’
University of Reading

December 2016
Invited speaker: panel on early career research opportunities and difficulties
Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in the Reception of the Ancient World, University of Oxford

November 2016
‘Theatre Plays in Performance in the BBC and ITV Schools Television Curricula of the 1960s’
Sight, Sound and Text in the History of Education conference, University of Worcester

November 2016
‘BBC Radio as “a new and exciting means of education” in the Interwar Years’
Media History Seminar, Institute of English Studies and Institute of Historical Research, University of London

June 2016
‘Oral Poetry and the Aural Imagination: Homer, Modern Poets and Radio’
Literature and the BBC, 1922-1955 conference, University of Edinburgh

March 2016
‘Theatre, War, Sex, Education: Greek Plays on British Television’
Public lecture, Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham

June 2015
‘Homer on the Radio in the Mid-20th-Century: Oral Poetry and the Aural Imagination’
Lecture for the UCL Summer School in Homer, University College London

March 2015
‘Drama, War, Sex, Education: Greek Plays on British Television, 1958-1990’
A Classical Association lecture at the University of Birmingham

March 2015
‘Transports of Imagination: BBC Radio, 1930s-50s’
Guest seminar speaker, Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research, Birmingham City University

February 2015
The Spaces of Medieval Mystery Plays on British Television’
Theatre and Television: Adaptation, Production, Performance conference, University of Westminster

January 2015
Panel discussion with Michael Billington and John Wyver for the opening of the 4th Screen Plays / BFI Southbank season Classics on TV: Great American Playwrights, which I curated.

May 2014
‘J.M. Synge’s Riders to the Sea (BBC, 1960) in its Schools Television Context’
Edwardian Drama on the Small Screen symposium, British Film Institute / University of Westminster

April 2014
‘Higher Education, Public Engagement: BBC-Open University Co-productions of Drama on BBC2 in the 1970s’
BBC2: Origins; Influence; Audiences. A 50th anniversary conference at the Science Museum, London

April 2014
‘Greek Tragedy in the BBC and ITV Schools Curricula of the 1960s’
also co-chair with with Fiona Hobden of a roundtable discussion on ‘Broadcasting Greece’
Classical Association conference, University of Nottingham

December 2013
Ancient Greece in BBC Propaganda Programmes, 1939-1945
Research seminar paper for the Group for War and Culture Studies (GWACS), University of Westminster

October 2013
Introduction to the Louis MacNeice, Radio Writer and Producer conference, Corpus Christi College, Oxford (co-organized with Stephen Harrison)

September 2013
Space and Place in Joan Kemp-Welch’s Television Productions of Theatre Plays
Spaces of Television: Production, Site and Style conference, University of Reading

August 2013
Excavating and Publishing Louis MacNeice’s Radio Work – and Other Joys and Challenges in Writing the History of BBC Radio’s Drama and Features
Multidisciplinary Use of Radio Archives seminar, University of Salford

July 2013
Invitation to participate in a workshop entitled Documenting Antiquity, organized by Dr Fiona Hobden of the University of Liverpool, alongside other academics and television practitioners.

July 2013
‘Ancient Greece in BBC Radio’s Cultural Propaganda in the Second World War’
The Radio Conference: A Transnational Forum 2013, University of Bedfordshire

June-July 2013
‘Odyssean Echoes in The Dark Tower by Louis MacNeice (1946)’
Swords, Sorcery, Sandals and Space: The Fantastika and the Classical World (a Science Fiction Foundation Conference), University of Liverpool

June 2013
‘ “An everyday tale of life in ancient times (and in EastEnders)”: Timberlake Wertenbaker’s Dianeira (Radio 3, 1999)’
Hercules: A Hero for all Ages conference, University of Leeds

October 2012
‘Theatre, Education, Television: The BBC and the Open University in the 1970s’
Theatre Plays on British Television conference, University of Westminster

October 2012
Popular Classics: Greek Drama on BBC Radio and Television, 1920s-1990
A lecture for the Reading branch of the Classical Association at the University of Reading

October 2012
‘Languages of Translation: Greeks on Stage and Screen’
La scène en version originale conference, Programme de recherches interdisciplinaires sur le théâtre et les pratiques scéniques (PRITEPS), Université Paris-Sorbonne

October 2012
A Modern Greek Electra on ITV (1962): Languages of Translation
Greece in Translation conference, Faculty of Medieaval and Modern Languages, University of Oxford

June-July 2012
‘Theatre, Education, Television: The BBC and the Open University in the 1970s’
22nd International Screen Studies Conference, University of Glasgow

June 2012
‘Oedipus Inside-Out: Reconfiguring Ancient Greek Performative and Imaginative Spaces for the Small Screen’
Greek Tragedy on the Small Screen symposium, University of Westminster

April 2012
Performing Antiquity: Translating Ancient Greek Theatre Space and Practice to the BBC Television Studio
Performance and Television Space conference, University of Glamorgan

April 2012
Greek Plays on British Television: Theatre, War, Sex, Education
Classical Association conference, University of Exeter

March 2012
Greek Plays on British Television, 1958-1990
Seminar paper for the Centre for Ancient Drama and its Reception (CADRE), University of Nottingham

December 2011
‘Greek Plays on British Television: Theatre, War, Sex, Education’
Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI) Research Seminar, University of Westminster

November 2011
An Illustrated History of the Oxford Greek Play
Pre-show talk during the run of Clytemnestra (Aeschylus’ Libation Bearers, translated by Arabella Currie and Tom Paulin), Oxford Playhouse

July 2011
‘ “The mighty heritage … is meant for the good of all”: BBC Radio and Cultural Education in the long 1950s’
Broadcasting in the 1950s conference, University of Wales

April 2011
Invitation to speak on my research to the UK’s Southern Broadcasting History Group‘s meeting at the BBC Television Centre, White City, London.

November 2010
‘Ancient Greece in the Public Imagination via BBC Radio’
Storytelling: Imagination and the Past conference, University of York

September 2010
‘Greek Myth, Radio, and the Imagination’
Sounding Out 5 conference on Soundworlds: Sonic Arts, Film and Radio, Bournemouth University

June 2010
‘Penguin Classics and BBC Radio’
75 Years of Penguin Books conference, University of Bristol

June 2010
‘Broadcasting the “Nation’s Cultural Wealth”: Ancient Greece on BBC Radio in the Two Post-World War Periods’
In the panel ‘Public Experience and Popular Classics’, Classics in the Modern World: A ‘Democratic Turn’? conference, Open University

May 2010
Modern and Ancient Greeks at Hull-House, Chicago
Classicizing Chicago conference, Northwestern University

May 2010
‘Ancient Greeks on the 19th-Century American Stage’

Lecture for the Greater Chicago Chapter of the Victorian Society in America

April 2010
‘Politics, Propaganda, and the Public Imagination: Ancient Greece on BBC Radio, 1920s-1950s’
Scholarly Speakers Series, Department of English, Western Michigan University

January 2010
‘Greek Tragedy as Cultural Project: Engaging the British Public through Amateur and Touring Performance, 1900s-1930s’
American Philological Association annual meeting, Anaheim, California (Contexts for Greek and Roman Drama panel)

October 2009
‘Public Experience and Popular Classics’
Paper for the Open University eSeminar Series on the subject of the Democratic Turn in Classical Reception Studies

July 2009
‘Homer on the Radio: The Rescue by Edward Sackville-West and Benjamin Britten (1943)’

The Radio Conference 2009: A Transnational Forum, York University, Toronto

July 2009
‘How to Interpret the Evidence for Listener Experience for BBC Radio Dramatizations from Greek Literature, 1940s-1950s’
Symposium on Antiquity in the Public Imagination: The ‘Democratic Turn’ in Classical Reception Studies, University of Oxford